Reserve a Room

Group Study Rooms

Rooms may be reserved for language or language-related courses in the FAS.  Student organizations may request room reservations as well provided the organization is language-related and has a language faculty member's endorsement.

Policies on Reservations and Use

  • Language Center facilities may be reserved by course heads or by TFs/staff assistants acting on behalf of a course head;
  • Advance reservations or standing reservations are restricted to foreign-language courses or from foreign-language-related courses, e.g., core courses of the FC designation;
  • Other FAS courses may reserve Language Center facilities, when available, no more than 72 hours in advance;
  • Non-FAS Harvard University courses/departments are generally ineligible to use or reserve Language Center facilities. Faculty/departments requesting exceptions for special circumstances/events should contact the Director.

Equipment and Additional Information

During the fall and spring semesters, College and GSAS Students enrolled in language courses may reserve Language Center facilities for language-related study groups. Summer School students may reserve space during the summer.  Student reservations are accepted for up to 2 days in advance. Note that the LC is a facility funded by the Faculty of Arts & Sciences and does not serve the professional schools. No commercial activities may be conducted in the LC's facilities at any time, for any reason. This includes any work for remuneration, including tutoring, consulting, business-related conference calls, etc.  Violators may lose LC access privileges and/or be referred to the appropriate board for disciplinary action.

EQUIPMENT: Signed out for use in FAS language courses only.

Video camcorders and digital audio recorders may be signed out for use in conjunction with FAS language courses. Eligible borrowers are undergraduates, GSAS graduate students, and others who are affiliated with FAS language courses, e.g., faculty, teaching fellows, etc. The individual who signs out the equipment is responsible for the replacement cost in the event of loss or damage.
We regret that equipment may not be borrowed by students of Harvard Extension School or of Harvard's professional schools.

Room Information

Room B06.20 has 12 seats, tables, whiteboards, and full multimedia capability.


Room B06-20

Room B06-20 alternate view


Room B06.10 has 6 seats, tables, a whiteboard, and full multimedia capability.

  Science Center B06-10 Science Center B06-10 alternative view


Room B09A is a classroom with 22 seats, tables, whiteboards, and full multimedia capability including a laser projector, screen, assistive listening system, sound system, and the ability to engage in videoconferencing.

Room B09
Room B09 alternate view


B06 is the main open area of the Language Center. When booking, please be aware that this is not a classroom or private space. It seats 24 and would be ideal for film nights, student organization activities, etc.

  Science Center B06 Science Center B06 alternate view


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