The Language Center (LC), located in Science Center B.06, supports modern and ancient language courses taught in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. In addition to supporting practice opportunities for language learning, we are available to support faculty efforts to incorporate specialized technology into their courses. Although the Center does not provide financial resources, the facility may be used for language-related research by faculty and graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Media support is available for a limited number of large and humanities-based General Education courses in the College.

The LC provides resources for individual and group learning in a facility equipped with multimedia equipment, two smart seminar rooms, and a classroom with videoconferencing equipment. We work closely with the faculty to provide appropriate technical support. For some projects, we collaborate with our colleagues in Academic Technology to develop additional tools for language learning.

Utilizing digital storage and internet communications technology, the Language Center works to provide a range of opportunities to accommodate various learning approaches for Harvard language students. Students may also connect with a variety of language communities and cultural opportunities throughout the world. 

The Language Center is also open to FAS administrators and non-language faculty and students.