Technologies for Language Learning

Portuguese students during Teletandem

The Language Center strives to make the most cutting-edge and effective language-learning technologies available to instructors. Here are some of the questions about language software and applications that interest us the most:

  • What are the best platforms for the development and dissemination of open educational resources?
  • What kinds of virtual reality experiences produce the best user experience and language-learning outcomes?
  • How do we afford the students an opportunity to collaborate online effectively?
  • What kinds of virtual language exchanges can we host?
  • Which technologies are most useful for practice and feedback of pronunciation in the target language?

What are the questions you are most interested in when it comes to language learning technologies? The Language Center offers demos of applications that may be of interest to instructors; check our events page for what's next. Not seeing a technology that you'd like to have discussed? Send us your feedback! If you're willing to present a technology you've found useful in language instruction, let us know.