Language Exchange at the Harvard Language Center

"Conversation, Madrid," Allan Rostron, 2017.

Our Language Exchange Program provides members of the Harvard community (only)* the possibility of practicing informal conversation with a partner who speaks their target language. The purpose of the language exchange, or "tandem," is to allow partners equal time to practice their desired languages. After you sign up using the Google form, you may search the database for a partner who speaks your target language, and, in exchange, whose target language you speak. Please contact your prospective partner directly to arrange a meeting. Be aware that the database will grow as more users sign up, and you may not find an immediate match, especially if your target language is not commonly spoken.  

Please read the guidelines on the form carefully before signing up. The Language Center is a source for possible partnerships only, and is not responsible for initiating or maintaining contact between prospective partners. By signing up, you agree to the terms laid out on the form.

If you have found a partner and no longer wish to be contacted by other users, or want to have your information removed from the database for any reason, at any time, please email us at

*All Harvard community members, including spouses and partners of faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars, as well as retired faculty and staff, are eligible to participate in the exchange. If you do not have a or address and cannot access the Google form to sign up, please request access through an alternate Google account (unfortunately, we cannot allow access to non-Google accounts at this time). Please email Sarah Axelrod at with any questions.