The Language Center (LC) provides direct support to faculty members and fellows in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) who are engaged in the teaching of languages and cultures other than English.  The following list of LC resources is not exhaustive; please contact LC staff at if you do not see a support resources that meets your needs.  The LC can coordinate support from other units across FAS, as needed.

Spaces - 

The LC provides access to four flexible spaces that may be used for class meetings, events, videoconferencing, or testing.  All LC spaces may be reserved by filling out a reservation request form at  Please see descriptions of the spaces below.  Note that larger LC rooms (B06 and B09A) support assistive listening devices, which the LC can provide.  ADA-compliant workstations are available in B06.





Small Classrooms with Flexible Seating

Media -

The LC hosts a small collection of media, which may be streamed by faculty members and teaching fellows for use in their courses, and will purchase video and audio materials for instructional use in consultation with requesting faculty and fellows.  The LC works with the Harvard Library System to provide access to additional media for instruction, and with individual faculty members.  

The Language Center can pick up media materials directly from your office to stream to your course’s Canvas site.  If given a Hollis number, the Language Center can also check out media to stream to your Canvas site. Use the streaming media form at, call us at 617-495-9448 or email ( to arrange either service.

Computers & Software -

The LC provides access to a number of laptops, which may be checked out for use within LC spaces by students and faculty.  These computers allow for multilingual word processing, the use of writing aids in a number of languages, audio recording, and webcams for teletandem and other communicative activities; they also come with microphone headsets as needed.  Requests for software to be added to the LC's laptops, or to be made available to FAS students via subscriptions or other licensing should go to

Other Technology -

The LC owns and circulates equipment to faculty and designated students for specialized use.  This includes field audio recorders, miniature video cameras, etc.