Guidelines for External Events Hosted at the Language Center

The Language Center may be reserved for language-related events (conferences, symposia, etc.). Please see the guidelines below about the use of our spaces.

  1. All language-related symposia or conferences will be given due consideration for reserving the Language Center spaces. Organizers may contact to inquire. Decisions will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, and according to event timing and conference size. The LC is best suited for small conferences of no more than 50-60 attendees. The Language Center hosts courses Monday through Friday during the academic year. Therefore, evenings and weekends present the greatest availabilities for external events. Organizers should inquire about availability as far in advance as possible.

  2. There is no food permitted within the Language Center spaces (this includes the common area in B06, as well as the classrooms). Covered beverages are acceptable. If conference organizers wish to provide food, they are encouraged to set it up on tables in the hallway, outside of the LC. We ask that organizers abide by the no-food policy.

  3. Conference organizers are responsible for any clean-up, including trash collection and disposal. If the use of custodians (cleaning and/or trash pick up) is required, hosts will have to arrange these services with the Science Center and pay a fee. If, after the conference, there are stains or other damage that must be addressed, hosts will be subject to cleaning fees.

  4. If technical support or other assistance is required outside of normally scheduled staffing hours (Mon.-Thurs., 9am-10pm, Fri., 9am-5pm, Sun. 2pm-10pm), the organizers have the option of paying a Language Center student worker to be present.

  5. Any equipment required in addition to flat screens and/or projection screens should be arranged in advance with the Language Center staff or Media & Technology Services, if necessary. Rental fees may apply.

  6. The Language Center is not responsible for and does not oversee any spaces outside of B06 and B09a. If conference hosts wish to use other spaces in the Science Center, such as the atrium or lecture halls, they must do so through Room Book ( If experiencing difficulty, please contact Science Center scheduling ( 

  7. All tables, chairs, and equipment should be returned to original locations at the close of the conference.

  8. The misuse of any space or equipment may result in future exclusion from using the Language Center spaces.