Course Materials

The Language Center (LC) offers FAS and DCE courses the ability to stream audio and video materials via their Canvas sites. In addition to textbook media and other materials, we stream requested foreign language titles, subject to availability and educational fair use. 
Upon receiving a request to stream, we must first obtain a physical, legally-acquired copy of the material. This copy can be provided by course staff, the Harvard library system (obtained via the LC), and in some cases the Language Center itself. For copyright reasons, the master copy must remain in the Center’s possession for the duration of time that the stream is available. Additionally, the streamed media request form will require upload of a syllabus or course plan with the title or titles in question indicated as required.
Once the master copy is obtained, we are typically able to process it and make it available in the “Media Gallery” section of your course’s Canvas site within a week.
If you have any questions with regards to this service, please feel free to email